A poetic legacy, an emotional dirge

Mihar Diaries . . .

2 min readNov 20, 2023

In the tapestry of existence, a lover I knew,
A wandering poet, with a heart that grew.
Stories he carried, like burdens untold,
In the pages of life, his essence unfolds.

A poet’s soul, painted in hues so rare,
Each encounter, a stanza in the open air.
Laughter, a melody, in the sun’s soft glow,
Yet sorrow’s verses, like a river, did flow.

Through life’s chapters, his verses were spun,
A symphony of joy, a ballad undone.
But fate, a cruel editor, called for a change,
And our lover, the poet, began to estrange.

In the quiet room of goodbye’s embrace,
His absence echoed, leaving an empty space.
Yet, in the silence, a library remains,
Of whispered promises and love’s sweet refrains.

Each shared moment, a tear-stained page,
In the novel of love, an eternal engage.
his departure, a somber, profound art,
Yet, in the void, his echoes impart.

The pen of time, relentless, continues to write,
Yet the heart, heavy with the ache of night.
In the shadow of absence, emotions surge,
A poetic legacy, an emotional dirge.

Gone, yet alive in the echoes he cast,
A love deep-rooted, destined to last.
In the profound depth of a tear-streaked sea,
Lies the emotional manuscript of you and me.