Beneath the Weeping Stars — A Melody of the Aching Heart

1 min readSep 25, 2023


Mihar Diaris . . .

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In the silent shadows, it begins to weep,
A painful heart, in solitude so deep.
Its anguish, like a river, flows untamed,
In the quiet of the night, it’s named.

The cry of a painful heart, a solemn plea,
Echoes through the chambers, a symphony.
Aching chords of sorrow, tears unseen,
In the depths of night, where pain convenes.

Each teardrop falls, a torrent of despair,
A lifetime’s wounds, too heavy to bear.
In the heart’s dark labyrinth, it resounds,
A haunting wail, where hope confounds.

But within this cry, a sacred ember glows,
The depths of feeling, only the heart knows.
For pain is but the price of love’s embrace,
In its tender ache, we find our grace.

Let the cry of a painful heart resound,
In the depths of anguish, we are bound.
Through the darkest night, we’ll find our way,
In the depths of pain, we’ll see the light of day.

In the crucible of suffering, we find our art,
The cry of a painful heart,
deep and emotional, A testament to the human soul’s devotion,
To love, to heal, to find our true emotion.