Dear Soul Sister

Steel wrapped in Silk . . .

1 min readMar 11, 2024

To my soul sister, amidst life’s chaotic spree,
You’ve danced with heartbreak, yet remained carefree.
In the comedy of errors, you found your stride,
Through laughter and tears, you chose to abide.

Oh, how we’ve laughed, in moments so absurd,
As life threw its curveballs, you never faltered.
Through the maze of woes, you found your way,
With a witty remark, you kept dismay at bay.

Heartbreak’s storms, you weathered with flair,
With a pint of ice cream and a rom-com affair.
In the depths of despair, you found your cheer,
And wiped away tears with a quirky veneer.

In traumas’ grip, you found your light,
In the darkest tunnels, you shone so bright.
With grace and humor, you faced the test,
And emerged victorious, amidst life’s jest.

So here’s to you, my partner in rhyme,
In laughter and tears, through space and time.
For in your laughter, I find my song,
My soul sister, in you, I belong.

May your journey be filled with laughter and grace,
As you navigate life’s ever-changing embrace.
For in your humor, lies wisdom so deep,
My soul sister, forever, you’ll keep.