“Echoes In Abyss ”

#Mihar Diaries

1 min readApr 30, 2024

In the quiet of night, I recall our start,
Two hearts entwined, beating as one, a work of art.
Through laughter and tears, we danced in the light,
But when shadows fell, our love took flight.

In the storm’s cruel grip, we lost our way,
Silent screams, words we couldn’t say.
I believed in our dreams, in the love we had,
But when darkness came, you left me sad.

Now I’m left with memories, a heart torn apart,
Haunted by the echo of your departing heart.
I believed in your love, in the good we shared,
But in the end, all that’s left is despair.

In the silence that follows, I cling to belief,
That love’s pure essence will grant us relief.
Though shattered, incomplete, I still hold you near,
Hoping one day, you’ll see my love clear.

So I’ll wait in the shadows, with faith as my guide,
For love’s true essence to no longer hide.
For in you, my love, I found my true part,
And I’ll wait for the day you acknowledge my heart.