For, your smile my love, is my eternal peace

Mihar Diaries . . .

1 min readNov 15, 2023

In the tapestry of existence, my love is profound,
Unfurl your spirit, let life’s symphony resound.
Embrace each moment, let it shimmer and cease,
Your smile, my solace, an ethereal release.

Beneath the canvas of stars, whispers untold,
In the depths of your eyes, secrets unfold.
Navigate the tempests, with a heart unafraid,
Your laughter, my sanctuary, in shadows displayed.

In the garden of emotions, where dreams intertwine,
Cherish each heartbeat, like a sacred shrine.
Your joy, a palette, hues of emotions cascade,
In your happiness, my love, my tranquility is laid.

When the tempest howls, and shadows loom near,
In your gaze, find strength, dispel every fear.
Life’s a sonnet, each verse a fleeting lease,
Your smile, my darling, my haven, my peace.

Amidst the ebb and flow, where time takes its toll,
Hold onto dreams, let their essence console.
Your presence, a melody, in life’s grand opera,
In your laughter, my love, find solace, find aura.

Let’s unravel mysteries, entwined and unseen,
In the embrace of the night, where dreams convene.
Live with passion, in each breath, find release,
For your smile, my love, is my eternal peace.