He, in clouds, and I, in earthly strife

Mihar Diaries . . .

2 min readNov 20, 2023

In clouds he soared, a silhouette of grace,
A winged spirit, distant and embraced.
Above the earthly realm, he found his flight,
While I, a soul below, yearned for the light.

He danced amidst the dreams that brushed the sky,
A cosmic waltz, a celestial lullaby.
His feathers painted hues the heart could feel,
As I, a mortal, yearned to touch the surreal.

In boundless realms, where dreams and clouds entwine,
He weaved a tale, ethereal and divine.
I, rooted deep, a prisoner to the ground,
Longed for a glimpse, a connection profound.

His eyes, celestial mirrors, spoke of stars,
Of distant galaxies, and ancient scars.
I, a creature of the earth, gazed below,
Wishing for wings that the heart may know.

He whispered secrets to the silent wind,
A language of the sky, where dreams begin.
I, a mere mortal, sought to understand,
The poetry written by his flight so grand.

Yet, in our distance, a poignant tie,
A bridge between the earth and the sky.
He, in clouds, and I, in earthly strife,
Bound by a thread, the essence of life.

For in our gaze, an ocean of emotion swirled,
A cosmic dance between an earthly world.
He, a celestial note in life’s grand song,
I, an echo in the silence, longing to belong.

In the vast expanse, where emotions roam,
He in the clouds, and I, a soul at home.
A tale of separation, yet love profound,
As he soared above, and I, rooted to the ground.