Hold My Hand — Let's Run To Truth

Mihar Diaries

2 min readMay 5, 2024

In the shadows of despair, where darkness looms,
I stumbled, lost in life’s bewildering rooms.
A soul adrift, searching for a glimmering sign,
Then the universe whispered, and our stars aligned.

When the weight of existence began to suffocate,
The cosmos conspired, changing my fate.
Through the cosmic web, a connection unfurled,
You emerged as the truth in my bewildered world.

In the tapestry of time, our threads entwined,
A symphony of fate, beautifully designed.
As I faltered in the labyrinth of strife,
You became the compass, guiding me to life.

The universe, a grand orchestrator so wise,
Crafted a masterpiece, a celestial surprise.
In the moments of darkness, you were the light,
A beacon of truth, in the endless night.

Through cosmic winds and celestial dance,
Our meeting transcended mere happenstance.
You, a revelation in life’s vast sleuth,
The universe conspired, revealing the truth.

In your eyes, I found the meaning anew,
A kaleidoscope of colors, a vibrant view.
Through the ebb and flow of life’s ceaseless stream,
You were the reality in my elusive dream.

So hand in hand, let’s navigate the cosmic sea,
For the universe conspired for you and me.
In love’s embrace, the truth brightly gleams,
A testament to the cosmic dreams.