How Dare You World, Not Let Us Dreamers Dream

#Ode to the hidden Mrs Harris in all of us!

1 min readJun 10, 2024

In a world of iron walls and stone,
Where the dreamers’ song is often flown,
How dare your world, not letting us dreamers dream,
Quenching our spirits, silencing our gleam.

Mrs. Harris, with a heart so bold,
To Paris, her dreams did she unfold.
In cobbled streets and lights so bright,
She found a world that felt just right.

Against the current, against the tide,
With passion and dreams as her guide,
She wove a tapestry, rich and grand, In a foreign,
enchanting, promised land.

How dare your world, so gray and cold,
Keep us from dreams, from stories untold?
Yet, in the shadows, we still ignite,
Dreams that shimmer in the night.

For in our hearts, a Paris lies,
A place where dreams can touch the skies.
Like Mrs. Harris, we’ll find our way,
To a dawn where dreams can freely sway.

So dare we dream, despite your chains,
For in our minds, the dream remains.
A spark, a fire, a world unseen,
How dare your world not let us dream?