If you love them, set them free . . .

2 min readNov 17, 2023

In the quiet chamber of the heart’s embrace,
A tale unfolds, love’s tender grace.
“If you love them,” a mantra weep,
Let them go, in the shadows deep.

In the garden of affection, blooms despair,
A thorny path, where echoes of love linger in the air.
A whisper carried by the winds that blow,
“If you love them, let them go.”

Tears, unspoken verses, trace a silent plea,
A symphony of ache, a love’s decree.
In the letting go, a soul laid bare,
Emotions like autumn leaves, swirl in the air.

A kaleidoscope of memories, painted in hues,
Of laughter shared, and love that strews.
“If you love them,” the heart does implore,
A requiem sung on love’s distant shore.

The hands release, but the soul clings tight,
A paradox danced in the pale moonlight.
“If you love them,” the heart’s soft wail,
A ballad written in every tear-drop’s trail.

As shadows lengthen, and day turns to night,
Love’s lullaby whispers, a bittersweet plight.
“If you love them,” echoes through the soul,
In the letting go, where emotions unroll.

A canvas of longing, strokes of regret,
“If you love them,” a chant, an intimate duet.
In the quiet surrender of a soul torn apart,
Love’s echoes linger, like a haunting art.

So, let them go, with a tear-stained smile,
Love’s pilgrimage, a journey fragile.
“If you love them,” a mantra to bestow,
In the depths of love, where emotions flow.