Lost In Reflections — Always & Forever

Mihar Diaries . . .

2 min readNov 13, 2023

In the silent depths of introspection,
Lost in reflections, a poignant connection.
A dance of shadows, a tear-stained trance,
With you, my love, lost in a wistful glance.

Mirrors, like portals to the soul,
Hold the echoes of stories untold.
In the beauty of your scarred reflection,
You slightly called me to sit in your profound affection.

Through the looking glass, time does wane,
Lost in reflections, love leaves its stain.
The ache of a memory, the joy of the first kiss,
In the gallery of us, moments reminisce.

Your eyes, a sea of unspoken pain,
Lost in reflections, where emotions reign.
Each ripple a chapter, a tale to unfold,
In the mirror’s embrace, our story is told.

In the labyrinth of feelings, we navigate,
Lost in reflections, emotions resonate.
In the silence, words left unspoken,
A love so deep, yet fragile, unbroken.

Through the maze of regrets, we find our way,
Lost in reflections, where hearts sway.
The mirror reflects our highs and lows,
Yet, on its surface, a profound beauty glows.

A symphony of emotions, an intimate art,
Lost in reflections, where we restart.
In the pool of tears, our souls converge,
A love profound, an emotional surge.

So let us linger in this reflective trance,
Lost in reflections, a bittersweet dance.
For in the echoes of our shared pain,
We find a love that forever will sustain.