Love Tale Of A Lone Wolf

#Mihar Diaries

1 min readMar 18, 2024

In silence, my love for you abides,
A solitary flame that softly hides,
In the depths of my heart, unseen by thee,
I chose to love you, unconditionally.

No need for reciprocation’s grace,
In my silent love, I find my place,
Content to adore from afar, unknown,
I chose to love you, though I’m alone.

In the stillness of night, where dreams may roam,
I whisper my love in an empty home,
For you’re the star in my darkened sky,
I chose to love you, though you pass me by.

As time marches on, and seasons change,
My silent love shall forever range,
In the shadow of your unaware glance,
I chose to love you, in this lone romance.

So let the world spin, let moments fly,
In my one-sided love, I’ll silently lie,
Bound by devotion, unknown to you,
I chose to love you, though it’s one-sided, true.