Metamorphosis of Hearts: From Lover to Friend

Mihar Diaries . . .

2 min readNov 16, 2023

In the quiet chambers of a fading ember’s glow,
A love that once burned bright, now begins to slow.
Whispers of passion now a distant echo,
As lovers metamorphose into friends, they go.

Through the twilight haze of what used to be,
A lover’s touch now a soft memory.
Emotions cascade like tears in the rain,
A transformation, where joy mingles with pain.

In the wreckage of what was love’s fierce flame,
A friendship emerges, a quieter claim.
The ache of separation, the bittersweet end,
Yet from the ashes, a tender seed will ascend.

Gone is the fervor, the heat of desire,
Yet what remains is a flicker, a quiet fire.
A gaze that once spoke volumes in the night,
Now seeks solace in the soft morning light.

They unravel the tapestry woven by time,
Each thread a memory, a rhythm, a rhyme.
The laughter and tears, the highs and the lows,
Now shared in whispers, like secrets enclosed.

The heart, once ablaze, now a gentle stream,
Love’s metamorphosis, a silent dream.
Yet in this evolution, a poignant grace,
As the lover transforms to a familiar face.

A resonance of feelings, emotions untold,
A story of love, in its own way, unfolds.
For beneath the surface, where emotions wend,
A deep, emotional bond, enduring, transcends.

The garden of love, once vibrant and wild,
Now a sanctuary for a friendship compiled.
In the heart’s quiet chambers, where echoes reside,
The lover becomes the friend, side by side.