Ode To Me Sailor Girl

#Mihar Diaries . . .

1 min readMar 23, 2024
image right — Typewriter

In whispers of the briny deep,
He christened me “sailor,” as I steep
My soul in sunsets dipped in gold,
And waves whose tales remain untold.

He saw within my longing eyes,
The yearning for horizon skies,
Where dreams unfurl like sails unfurled,
In sync with ocean’s endless world.

A sailor’s heart beats in my chest,
In every swell, I find my quest,
To chase the whispers of the sea,
And in its vastness, feel so free.

He called me “sailor girl” with care,
A name that echoed in the air,
For I am bound to tides and gales,
In salt-stained tales, my heart unveils.

Beneath the stars, I find my peace,
As moonbeams kiss the restless seas,
And in the dark, the lighthouse gleams,
A beacon for my wandering lost dreams.

So let me roam the ocean’s crest,
In search of solace, love, and rest,
For in its depths, my soul’s laid bare,
A sailor’s heart, forever there.

He called me sailor girl, it’s true,
In every wave, I find anew,
The depth of love, the strength of tides,
That bind me to the endless skies.