Ode To Monta Re

1 min readMay 1, 2024


I am supremely obsessed with the song “Monta Re” by Amit Trivedi, a humble tribute to this legend ❤

#Mihar Diaries

In the heart’s labyrinth, a melody takes flight,
Echoes of longing in the quiet of night.
Beneath the moon’s soft, shimmering light,
Whispers weave dreams, in shadows ignite.

Monta Re, O my heart, in yearning sighs,
Through valleys deep, where passion lies.
In the dance of desire, where love defies,
Two souls entwine, beneath starlit skies.

In the silence of solitude, a symphony plays,
Each note a secret, in mysterious ways.
From the depths of emotion, it conveys,
The tale of love, in endless arrays.

Monta Re, O my heart, in bittersweet refrain,
A journey of love, through pleasure and pain.
In the tapestry of time, where memories remain,
Eternal echoes of love, forever to reign.

So let the melody of Monta Re guide,
Through the ebbs and flows of life’s tide.
In the melody’s embrace, hearts confide,
Monta Re, O my heart, forever abide.