Ode To You Silent Mithrandir

#Mihar Diaries . . .

1 min readJun 10, 2024

In shadows deep where sorrows sigh,
Where dreams like wounded birds do lie,
A beacon bright, a laugh so kind,
A Mithrandir comes to my mind.

When nights stretch long, and hopes retreat,
And life serves lemons, sour and sweet,
Your voice, a balm, dispels the gloom,
Turns my dark and dreary room.

With every joke, a healing start,
You mend the cracks within my heart.
A quip, a grin, your steadfast grace,
Brings light back to this weary face.

In moments bleak, when spirits fail,
You show up with a funny tale.
Your wit, like sunshine after rain,
Chases away my deepest pain.

Oh, Mithrandir, you light my way,
Through trials dark, you help me stay.
With you, no storm too fierce, too wild,
You lift my soul with jokes compiled.

For all you’ve done, this thanks I send,
To you, my guide, my quirky friend.
With gratitude, my heart does sing,
For every joy your humor brings.

In life’s grand tale, both rough and grand,
With you, my friend, I’ll always stand.
Together we shall face the night,
With love, laughter, and endless light.