Oh, silent reader, in the depths of quiet

2 min readNov 22, 2023

Oh, silent reader, in the depths of quiet,
Where words unfurl, an intimate riot.
Are you, in the profound silence, diving deep,
Into the ocean of verses, secrets to keep?

In the stillness, where emotions silently seep,
Do my words echo, in your soul’s keep? Asking now,
in the shadows’ tender kiss,
Oh silent reader, what is it you miss?

In the caverns of thought, where echoes play,
Do you hear the yearning, the plea to stay?
Amidst the verses, does your spirit stir,
Oh silent reader, are you listening to the whisper?

Through the maze of metaphors, a labyrinth of lore,
Does the symphony of syllables leave you wanting more?
In the recesses of your being, does it ring,
The question lingers, like a song unsung, a silent spring.

Oh, silent reader, are you attuned to the call,
In the tapestry of words, do you find your fall?
Asking now, in the quietude so divine,
Do you feel the heartbeat in each poetic line?

Beneath the surface, where emotions collide,
Are you touched by the sentiments, the tides?
Oh, silent reader, in this deep dive,
What thoughts and feelings do you derive?

As ink descends into the abyss of the unknown,
Do you, like a voyager, claim it as your own?
In the profound silence, where mysteries linger,
Oh silent reader, are you listening, with a soulful finger?

For in the depths of this poetic sea,
The profound question resonates, eternally.
Oh, silent reader, let the currents guide,
As you navigate the verses, where emotions one tried.