Sacred Alchemy: Road To Redemption

Mihar Diaries . . .

1 min readMar 12, 2024

In the crucible of torment, where demons reigned,
He stood as a guardian, unafraid and unchained.
With a touch so tender, he banished every fear,
And in his presence, my demons disappeared.

Through the valleys of despair, we wandered hand in hand,
As he guided me through shadows, where darkness spanned.
With each whispered promise, each word of truth,
He unearthed the buried treasure of my youth.

In the silence of his love, I found my voice,
A melody of hope, a symphony of choice.
No longer bound by chains of doubt and despair,
I emerged from the ashes, a soul laid bare.

For in his eyes, I saw reflections of my worth,
A mirror of love, illuminating the earth.
With every heartbeat, a rhythm of grace,
As he led me to a brighter, sacred place.

Now, a renewed soul, with truth and love entwined,
I walk this earth with purpose, my spirit aligned.
No longer shackled by the ghosts of my past,
But soaring on wings of freedom, free at last.