Words unsaid Feelings unheard

Mihar Diaries . . .

1 min readNov 14, 2023

In the sacred realm of my devotion,
Unspoken words, a silent ocean.
Within my heart, a symphony plays,
Unsaid feelings in love’s gentle gaze.

Beneath the moonlit sky we share,
My emotions bloom, tender and rare.
A dance of passion, in shadows spun,
Unspoken words, my love, for you, undone.

In the quiet whispers of the night,
My heart reveals, bathed in soft moonlight.
A canvas painted with hues of affection,
Each stroke, a silent, love-filled reflection.

Your name, a melody my heart composes,
Unsaid feelings, like a rose, it discloses.
In the garden of love, emotions grow,
A tapestry of us, a feeling to show.

In the echo of your laughter sweet,
Unspoken words find a quiet retreat.
Yet, in the silence, love unfurls,
A story of us, in the depth of my world.

The moon above, a witness true,
To the unspoken words, I keep for you.
In the language of the heart, so deep,
A love, unspoken, yet ours to keep.

Silent vows in the starry night,
A promise to love, to hold, to light.
Unsaid feelings, a whispering tide,
In the vast ocean of love, where we abide.