Ye Dil Tum Bin Kahein lgta nahi . .

2 min readMar 14, 2024

#Mihar Diaries . . .

In the hush of night, as stars softly gleam,
I sit alone, lost in a beautiful dream.
“Ye dil tum bin kahin lagta nahin,”
And suddenly, the depths of my heart begin to spin.

In the gentle strum of strings, a yearning cries,
Echoes of your presence, beneath moonlit skies.
Each chord, a memory, etched in time,
Revealing truths hidden in love’s silent mime.

With each verse, I unravel a hidden truth,
In the depths of my being, where emotions ruthlessly soothe.
It’s you, my love, who paints my every hue,
In your absence, a void, impossible to subdue.

Your essence permeates every note, every line,
A silent symphony, in which I forever pine.
In the echo of your laughter, I find solace deep,
In the whispers of your absence, I dare to weep.

With each beat of my heart, your name resounds,
In the caverns of my soul, your presence abounds.
For in this melody, I finally comprehend,
The depths of my love, where it endlessly extends.

So I’ll linger in this song, in this moment divine,
In the depths of my heart, where your love intertwines.
For in this revelation, I am overcome,
With a love so profound, it eclipses the sun.